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Dragoncon 09
Just got back from Dragoncon, and man was it a blast. There's so much for me to tell you about it! I don't even know where to start. uhmm let's see...

Well, when the first thing was our room at the Westin. We were on the 62nd floor (Brittany would have loved this haha) and we had this amazing view of downtown Atlanta. It was facing west so that first night we got to watch the sun setting on the horizon, and at night there was a sea of little lights spread out around us. It was so high up that my ears popped going up the elevator and the first few times I would get dizzy when I got to the top. That's about the only good thing about the Westin. Other than that the room was cramped, the beds sucked and I could never sleep on them, and they were way more expensive than the better hotels. I hope to never stay there again because it was just about the only bad thing about an otherwise amazing con.

Saturday we met up with John Wallaby and spent the day hunting down cool costumes (fursuiters) and talking. Was fun hanging out and he let me sketch in his sketchbook, which was a first for me. Nobody has asked me to before. I sort of volunteered to sketch in his, but why not? Anyway, it was fun dude. We should definitely meet up again next year!

We played "Are You a Werewolf" with the folks in the Pern room with Todd Mccaffrey moderating. I swear, this was just about the funnest thing to do all con. I even missed the Cruxshadows concert for the first time since I started going to D*C (with the expection of the first year) just so I could continue playing. On the first night that we went, we were all set to lynch someone as the werewolf and accusations were flying when in walks neko wolf in suit. It was the funniest thing watching all the people freak out when he popped his head into the room and looked around haha. The second night the same thing happened when Guf coyote came by in suit. Then we started noticing the number of tails and furry con badges around us and realized that the Pern room had somehow atracted the population of furries at Dragoncon. It was funny because I got my start at Dragoncon because of the Dragonriders of Pern novels and people, I really enjoy playing werewolf but I heard about it from a completely different group of people several years ago at D*C, and I also like furry. How odd is it for all three to come together like that? Now all I need is for Ronan Harris to come play with us and I'll be all set :)

I saw Adam Savage from Mythbusters at his panel. That one was a lot of fun. I also passed by Malcolm Mcdowell in the walk of fame. I wish I'd stopped and talked to him but oh well. Felicia day was also there but I never saw her :(. We saw Luo Ferrigno on a number of occassions and snapped a funny photo where it looks like he's limp-wristing haha.

In the art show they had all kinds of great art and artists. There was a lot I wanted to buy, but I only had enough for some prints. We bought two big prints from Goldenwolf and Santara, and I finally got a pack of the endangered species playing cards, which I've wanted since they came out but wasn't quite ready to spend thirty bucks on. Santara had them for fifteen, so that was the first thing I bought. Also, Santara was so nice to us. By the last day we had been by their table at least once every day, and we weren't sure whether or not to buy one last print. She saw us counting our money and discussing it and asked us how much we had. I didn't want her to sell herself cheap when we technically had the money, we just didn't want to let go of it, but she offered to sell it to us tax-free and that convinced us. I'm quite pleased with our purchases :). I also got a huge canvas print for free from Chris Kuhlmann because he had it at his panel and didn't want to carry it back with him. Being the D&D lover that he was, we all rolled for it. I rolled first and somehow managed a perfect 20 haha.

Faith And the Muse were finally back this year and I'm so glad they did. I first heard them five years ago when they were at D*C, and they have been such a major influence on me over the years. It was great to talk to them and their concert was amazing. We somehow managed to get in the front row right next to their guitarist/violinist/drummer. Seriously, loved that concert!

Also, speaking of musical acts, we saw this really interesting group called Arcattack. They put on this amazing show using Tesla coils. That's right, big, metal towers making music by arcing lightning bolts across the room. Fucking. Cool. As. Hell.

We saw a ton of great costumes. Joey and I will upload pictures later :)

All and all this was a really great year and I can't wait for the next one. There were some major downers this year, such as Brittany and Matt not being able to go, but hopefully they can go next year. I'm really looking forward to it.

Phwew! I'm so exhausted...I'm gonna go sleep for the next 24 hours while I recover...


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