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Coyote rescue attempt
I got home from work today, and Roko had a little coyote puppy sitting on the floor by the couch. He was driving when he saw the little guy stumbling around on the road. He tried to just get him out of the road, but it was obvious that he (I didn't check, but I'm assuming it was a he) was hurt, so he got him into a box and brought him home. The coyote had cuts all over him and was in rough shape. He wouldn't eat or drink. The vet was not open or we would have taken him there immediately, but we had to wait until morning. He died an hour or so later unfortunately. I'm not sure if we could have done anything or not. Maybe if the coyote had had immediate care, but I don't think a vet would take a wild animal anyway. Even if they had what would we have done with him afterwards? Or how would we pay the bill? I dunno, I guess there was nothing we could do. It's sad :(

I don't know I felt this was journal-worthy. Tomorrow we're going to call the health department to ask where we should take it to be tested for rabies, since he was exhibiting odd behavior. We didn't get bit, and he wasn't acting agressive, but we were handling him and we have to be on the safe side.


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