*dusts off the livejournal*

I keep trying to find a reason to post but it seems pointless to post little trivial things going on in my life. Oh well, guess that's what these are for right?

Hmm this year seems to be starting pretty well. Spring is in the air, and I'm really feeling it this time around. The world seems so alive again.

I met a few local furries and have been having fun hanging out with them. I haven't had anyone to really hang out with in a while, so it's good :). And I'm so excited about FWA. This'll be my first specifically furry con, so it's gonna be interesting. After that I'm volunteering at the local humane society, and hopefully I can plan out a few trips sometime this summer. Just a quick list off the top of my head:

1. Go camping.
2. Visit a zoo...could possibly do this multiple times :)
3. Visit my friend Brittany
4. Go swimming at a spring somewhere, probably Blue Springs as it's one of my favorites.
5. Spend a whole week visiting my parents, and go with Roko to visit his.
6. Go hiking in the mountains! I love mountains...
7. Go either canoeing or tubing.

Oh and there's Dragoncon and possibly Megaplex in there too, so lots to do!



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