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First post
 Well, here's my frist entry. I'll go ahead and say right now that the only reason I made this journal is so I can vote on Blotch's Dog's Days of Summer. ( But, I do think it'd be kinda fun to get back into blogging a little bit. I  had a xanga a long time ago but it only brought me all kinds of trouble. I'll try to keep this thing relatively updated. If it goes anything like my myspace though......

So anyway, things that have been going on in my life: Graduating in a few days and moving in with my boyfriend Joey. That'll hopefully give me more time to draw and more money in my pocket, not to mention seeing Joey more. I'm taking the two weeks after graduation off. I need a break from everything.

Joey's really been working on the virtually non-existent website lately. We've got a Myspace page set up for it now that explains it. I'm gonna have to get on there and spruce it up one of these days. Then I need to get a new tablet and get busy on making logos and design art for the actual site. After that it's just a little html and more content and it'll be ready. It's gonna be a while longer still though. The myspace page is . And if you're interested in seeing some pretty clouds and a coming soon message the site itself is . The listed e-mail address is wrong. If you so wish to e-mail someone, send it to instead.

We're pretty much in the shit hole for money right now. Joey had to quit his job at Longhorn Steakhouse, and then good ole Cody didn't have rent again. That put Joey under and he's still recovering. He's working at FYE now and looking for a second job. I gave him all the money I had, but I'm a broke son of a bitch so that wasn't nearly enough. I'm trying not to stress it though. It'll get better soon. It always does.

So now you're pretty much caught up on my recent life before this journal. Prior journal posts won't suck nearly as bad hopefully.


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